Friday, March 19, 2010

Sad day for BC milk

B.C. court just bans sale of unpasteurized milk. Selling raw milk has always been illegal in BC, but people have been able to get around the laws by employing a co-op structure and selling "cow's shares" to people who want to buy raw milk. Now the court has ban that too under the reason that the farm "was willingly causing a health hazard". Hm...cigarettes?

People in North America tend to perceive raw animal products as dirty, diseased, and deadly. However, these are not problems caused by the raw products themselves, but by the terrible ways in which human handle the animals and animal products. Should we ban the sale of raw chicken? No, because A. people know to cook it. B. in Japan, some chicken can be eaten raw just like almost every other meat product.

I mean, it's really hard to get your hands on unpasteurized milk. It is not available in any grocery stores, small or large. Until now, people had to go out of their way to purchase the rights to a quarter of a cow at the farm, in order to have a small quantity of raw milk. If they make such a huge effort to drink raw milk, I am sure they know what they are doing, and I think they should be allow to drink it.

Raw milk indeed has more nutrients and taste better. In food processing, such as cheese, butter, or cream sauce, the differences between raw and cooked milk are very noticeable.

I think this is the wrong approach to food safety. Instead of banning the product, the government should strengthen and further regulate the way in which cows are handled and milk is process. I am sure this would make raw milk more expensive, but I am sure consumers would prefer this over not having the product.

A sad day for foodies in B.C.

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