Sunday, March 28, 2010

Japan: Tokushima Part 2

In Japan, we had seen some hilarious attempt at English on signs, billboards, and T-shirts. Tokushima and Kochi took the hilarity to a new level. For example, this was a riverside "Itarian" Restaurant and Bar. The sign was so funny enough that Dennis and I wanted to try out the food, but the restaurant wasn't open. We never tried that restaurant, as it was never open, but we did eventually tried another similar restaurants a few blocks away, and the food was overpriced and terrible: pasta with meat sauce with Kraft Parmesan and cream with some coffee in it. It was a tourist trap, well, a funny one.

By the way, NOTHING was ever open in Tokushima. Stores opened late and closed early in the evening, and the whole city shut down for the weekend. People were always celebrating something by the riverside. On the weekend we were there, it was the local anime convention for anime artists and students. They lined one side of the street with student rock band and little tents filled with monitors and DVDs. Riverside restaurants were all booked for anime company or graduating partying.

On Saturday, it was the local dairy farmer's expo on the other side of the street. You could sample fresh unpasteurized milk, yogurt, pudding, cream, butter, cheese, and get information about local farming practices and nutritional benefit of milk.
There were milk cows being milked by hand, calf, and even smaller baby cows. A sudachi mascot was there too, getting kids into the town's local products.

Two blocks away at the local historic museum, there was an outdoor puppet show put on by the local elementary school. Imagine: two dozen little first graders recites children poem in unison (well, an attempt at being unison): so cute, soo cute. There were a (heathy-veg-centric) BBQ organized by a nearby stores for the parents.

Also, do you know...Junky Loves Baby....and...haircuts!

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