Sunday, March 7, 2010

Improving my blog

This small break really helped, and I want to take my blog further. Here are some plans:
1. Better camera.
Iphone isn't cutting it. I want to invest in a better camera and take a few photography lessons.
2. More photos, videos, instructions.
I would like to document the process of making yummy food better. Yes, videos too! Like an informative step to step for people who doesn't know anything about cooking.
3. More science
I want to post more than just wine reviews and recipes. I want to pass on my knowledge.
4. Content on schedule
I want to be more regimented about the content I posts. For example... wine science on monday, wine review on tuesday, food science on wednesday, recipe on thursday, something wacky on friday, something....for the weekend... maybe more alcohol...

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