Friday, March 19, 2010


Hi-Nippon used to really bad, like food poisoning bad. Then, it switched owners, and now it serves cheap, good sushi. It's not the best sushi, but where else in the west side of Vancouver can you get stuffed on good quality sushi for $7.00? This is now our default sushi place, because it's cheap and they serve both brown rice and black rice.

Food: 4/5
It has cheap lunch deals. Teriyaki dons for $6-something, combos starts at $7.00. Food isn't memorable, but it is above average, consistent and satisfying. They don't cheat you on portions either; I can never finish my usual Udon+Sushi+Teriyaki combo @ $8.25. Two people can eat like kings for under $20 and not feel disgusting afterwards. Customers can even request for brown rice or black rice. I still wonder how they are able to pull off such good deals at their location. How do they afford the rent? It's a mystery.

Service: 3/5
The service is above average. Sometimes, they are a little slow refilling water, tea, and brining the bill, but it's serviceable. The servers are polite and speak perfect English, but they don't smile or chat with you. I suppose they are too busy.

Ambiance: 3.5/5
This is a great place to bring a date. They have these really cute private booth where couples can sit kitty corner to each other. Their tea comes in nice ceramic cups. Now, imagine a couple huddle up in a both holding their tea cup and chatting away shoulders touching. Isn't it cute? Because the restaurant is pretty small, the place can get really crowded and loud, during lunch. There is no music.

Overall Experience: 3.5/5
This restaurant wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary if it was located in Richmond or Burnaby. It is its location and the price that mattered here. Great place to grab a quick bite to eat before grocery shopping. Free parking at underground at Capers for an hour.

Total: 14/20
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