Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nu Restaurant and Lounge

Eight of us went to Nu for dinner on Sunday night on the recommendation by our wedding planner. We were looking to see if it would be an acceptable place for our reception. The general consensus is that Nu wouldn't not be a good candidate for my reception, but everyone had different opinion about the food they had. I will try to be objective..

Food: 3.5/5
Technically, it would be 3/5 for their seafood and 4/5 for their land meat. At $60.00, the seafood set came with grilled sashimi grade albacore tuna, giant scallops, oysters, grilled chard, and delicious mussels. Dennis said that the mussels where the best he ever had, but wasn't very impressed with the other 4 items. He believed I could cook better. The food came in these awful silver bowls which I thought was supposed to represent the Olympic rings, but seafood set only had 4 rings. Charge $60 for this set? Come on... At $50, the meat set was everyone's favourite: braised bison, pork dumpling, duck confit, chicken drumstick, and grill short ribs. With the table full with Chinese people, we were not impressed with the pork dumpling. At $40, the third set is the "bronze set" and by far the worst: Lentil Croquette, Beets, Potato Gnocchi, Pork Dumplings, Albacore Tuna. Basically, take the two worst items out of the other sets and some veggie and starch. We had more success with individual dishes. Their burgers and steaks came huge portions and a good value deal.I also greatly enjoyed my tuna tartar, which looked good and tasted great. I was attempted to give the food 4/5, but after considering the price of these dishes, I felt 3.5/5 was more appropriate. Most importantly, I think they need to improve their set menu.

Service (3.5/5):
Service is good. Coat check, a dedicated server for our table, everything is topped off and refilled regularly. Basically, it is what people would expect.

Ambiance (3.5/5):
Great place to go to for your second or third date. It has great view of the city and the water. I bet it would be nicer in the summer time. The chairs are super comfortable and cute little stone tables and candle lights makes the restaurant quite romantic. Need music though. Not suitable for a huge crowd.

Overall Experience (3/5):
My overall experience of the restaurant wasn't very good. I felt a little underwhelmed, but Dennis had a great time. The wine list was rather limited and unimpressive but well selected based on value. There was a few local beer but no specialty.

Total: 13.5/20
The restaurant is a little out of the way for me and I probably will not go back again.

Big thanks to Peter for these amazing photos.

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