Sunday, February 21, 2010


This is Kholrabi. You will not find this at Safeway, Save on Food, or Whole Food. You can find this in T&T, Superstores, and this random grocery store on Commercial and 1st Ave. It smells like cabbage and has texture like turnip. It's completely rock solid, and I can probably severely injure someone by throwing it.

After some internet research, kholrabi can be prepared in many ways. You can eat this raw in salad like fennel, fry like fries, stew, steam, boiled, grilled, and you name it. It apparently tastes like turnip but slightly sweeter.

After staring at it for a day now, I have some idea about what I am going to do with it...
Hint: I am going all over town looking for "carving tools"

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