Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Japan: Kyoto Part 4

Last night in Kyoto, we came to a small izakya. We almost didn't go inside, because they offered English menu. We were afraid that it would be a tourist trap, but it wasn't: there was whale on the menu. Here we met the most amazing bartender/taisho named Seiichiro who served us copious amount of alcohol. That was bishamonten sake, Dennis's favourite sake, in the above picture. You can also see that the menu was handwritten. He then introduced us to another amazing saki, which translated to chimera saki, but I was pretty drunk at this point. I actually don't remember taking this picture.

We proceeded to eat through every item on the menu, and even reordered several skewer items. Lotus root, pumpkin, quail eggs, gizzards, you name it. Hot pot, kimchi, handmade tofu pot broth thing, noodle, panfried fishes. The rest I don't remember. All I remember is good food, good company, good saki, and good time.

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