Monday, February 22, 2010

Henkell Trocken

Variety: Sekt
Producer: Henkell Trocker
Specification: Dry-Sec
Vintage: Non-Vintage
Region: Germany
Alcohol: 11.5%
Price: 15.00

Appearance: Clear, pale, lots of bubbles
Nose: Clean, delicate, youthful, citrus, nose burning acid, pear, apple, herbaceous
Palate: Off dry, not biscuit, no toast, not creamy, low alcohol, medium- body, medium+ acid, sour apple. Short finish.

Just looking at the size and amount of bubble, you can tell that this is a sparkling wine that is made from the tank method. Cheaper production method than the champaign. It is also sweeter than champaign. The tastes are quiet distinctive, but I don't think most consumers would care or mind. Rarely do people who drink champaign actually appreciate high quality champaign. This sparkling wine is the one you buy on New Year and you can shake it and not feel bad wasting most of it spraying on people. Plus, usually people are not sober enough at this point to care about the quality of their sparkling wine.

Quality: Acceptable. Simple

This is not a complex drink. I wouldn't bother too much with food pairing. Some strawberry moose? New Year Cake? Someone's face?

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