Friday, February 12, 2010

Edible Cutlery: Bacon Bowl

My father told me that there has been a popular trend in Taiwan for making edible cutlery as an environmental foodie movement. It got me thinking that maybe I should also started making edible cutlery and blog about it.

I have been craving meat: fatty salty meat. Maybe it has something to do with my blood donation a few days ago. This is something inspired by my old guild in World of Warcraft where everyone has quite an obsession with bacon. Although I haven't played the game for several months now, this is a homage to the friends I made there.

I started with a bacon mat and a bowl wrapped with aluminum foil

And I place the bowl on top of the bacon mat and turn it upside down. Place it in a baking pan.

I preheated the oven to 400˚F and put the pan in for 1.5 hours, but I think that is either too long or too hot, because my bowl was burnt.

I then put some salad in there (with little bacon bits inside). It tasted like an inside-out-salad where the bacon crisp is the bowl.

Not bad for first attempt. I am going out right now to get more bacon, so I can make more shapes with it. Possibly with cups or muffin pan.

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