Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Crasto 2007, Duoro Portugal

Douro is a port country and isn't really know for premium red wine. However, this region is a huge benefactor of investment from the World Bank in 1980s and, as a result, the region started producing various styles of table wines. Crasto begain to make table wine near the river, Douro do Crasto in the mid-1990s using Touriga Nacional, the port grape, and Roriz. It has become one of four notable Douro table wine. The wine is relatively light and fruity, and you won't usually expect from this region. It also has an excessive amount of new oak and barnyard, which makes it pretty unpleasant. I was told that the later vintage is way better though.

I won't buy it again for $20. This wine is really no more than $15. I would pair this using the same philosophy port with less body and intensity. A fluffy dark chocolate cake or mousse. Stilton cheese might be a little heavy, but I bet cracker with stilton melted on top would work.

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