Friday, February 19, 2010

Braised Lamb Shank with Zalouk and Cous Cous

I am submitting this dish for the second round of Chef It Yourself Contest. This dish is inspired by Chambar, an amazing Moroccan styled restaurant beside Dirty Apron. I believe they are owned by the same people.

This is a dish that is served at dinner parties with ceremony style entrance followed by woos and ahs. When you open the tagine, the delicious aroma explodes from the pot, and the guests eyes widen as if I have opened a treasure chest full of gold. The cous cous is first served separately from the lamb sauce to maximize the presentation, flavour, and aroma, and then the guest pour the entire content of the couscous into the sauce-filled tangerine. The combined flavour will make your knees weak. The perfect comfort food on in a gloomy February evening.

The dish is a little on the sweet side with generous use of honey, dates, apricot, and etc. If you prefer your dish less sweet, you can play with the amount of the ingredients. This is another four part dish requiring four separate recipes. I like my dishes with some complexity in flavour.

For wine pairing, go with a big loud Italian red such as Super Tuscany, Barolo, Barbaresco.


  1. What a full-on dish! It looks fantastic!

  2. Hi C! Thanks for submitting your entry. The poll is up and voting is open, make sure you send your readers on their way. Here's the link