Monday, January 3, 2011

Taiwan: Fast Food

This is why KFC cannot compete.
At Ji Guang Fried Chicken, you could get a combo of ribs, steam veggie, stew seaweed, cream of corn soup, salad, a bowl of rice, and a bubble tea - all beautifully plated on real plate wares for $6 CND.

I was invited to eat (for free!) at this fried chicken franchise.  This supposedly fast food fried chicken joint has gorgeously interior design with chandelier and comfortable leather.

Next is Asir, another fast food chain (not franchise) with gorgeous interior design and discount gourmet fast food, situated within the Taichung city night market right next to the university.  The service was impeccable and the wonderful staffs were high spirited, personable, and very humorous.  The owner came to give as a two hour speech about his road from rag to rich, his amazingly delicious healthy food that did not contain any MSG or similar flavour enhancer, and the beauty of having a central kitchen.  If you happen to visit Taichung, definitely visit this place.

This is the menu and also the order sheet.  Fill it up and order it through the staff or pay for it directly at the cashier.

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  1. I like your caption for the first photo. Haha! I can sense a great satisfaction after eating at JI Guang Fried Chicken after seeing that photo. Well, with the way they presented the food, you'll surely have cravings. The food is mouthwatering! These elements makes me feel that this franchise will go a long way. I can't wait to see it grow big!

    Clint Shaff