Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One More Sushi

Dennis and I have been regularly going to One More Sushi for almost 7 years. We know each staff's name and probably put their kids through college just by eating there. One More Sushi is a Japanese restaurant that focuses on mostly on their sushi and nigiri. The restaurant's main customer base is faculties on a short lunch break and students having a nice sit down meal with their parents from out of town. Although there are three other Japanese eateries around where we live, One More Sushi has our loyalty for various reasons. Don, the co-owner, inspired my interests in food and wine. He also has an AMAZING wine cellar on display.

Food: 3/5
Don used to invite us to sit with him after the restaurant closes and share new dishes that he created and wanted to put on the menu. Most sushi joints serves very generic dishes, and veteran sushi eaters in Vancouver can order exactly what they want without looking at the menu at a new restaurant: california roll, udon, box A. One More Sushi has all that and plus handful of creative yet simple dishes. For example, Rock'n Roll is a roll with salmon tempora and some secret spices and seasoning. Ask for Dennis Roll, a salmon and toro roll, put together just for him, and it was so popular they added to the menu. You can also ask to put a roll together for you. Oh! and they serve brown rice. Overall, the quality of their food, especially their raw fish, above average and is right for the price. However, recently there seems to be some cut back on quality. The rolls seem smaller somehow.

Service: 4/5
Their food and services are both good, efficient, and consistent. Their lunch rush is rather crazy but amazingly streamlined. The staffs all speak English and serve you exactly how North Americans expected to be served at a restaurant. The tables and cutlery are always clean and if you are not satisfied with the food, they would actually replace it, unlike other restaurants of this type. Tea and water are regularly checked on and refilled. Consistent but not over the top. They always offer you free ice cream after your meal. If you are a regular, they remember you.

Ambience: 3.5/5
This is a good place to go for first date. It is paper napkin, unassuming and not expensive, and you know the food or the service will be consistent. It's also a good place to introduce someone to sushi for the first time. Did I mention free ice cream? Just have to hope your date doesn't mind repetitive Japanese pop music.

Overall experience: 4/5
Don has a giant wine cellar on display right at the entrance of the restaurant. This is the man who taught me how to drink. It is a personal collection, not for sale, but the collection must has a 6 digit value. More than 6 bottles of petruvs, Margaux, Pauliac, and Chateau Latour, and other Bordeaux superstars. He has half a dozen of the award winning Insignia 2003. He has quite a saki collection too. Definitely worth checking out. Although you can't drink from his collection, they also offer a few good wines on their menu.

Total: 14.5/20
Dennis and I go there a lot.

Don used to play World of Warcraft with us, and we would order sushi for delivery in game. When we meet new friends in the game in RL, we meet would go to his restaurant and he would join us for food and wine. He even joked about putting "Alliance Only" sign by the entrance. He is definitely an inspiring guy and a good host.

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