Friday, January 22, 2010

Flu and Contests

I am still sick after a week. The flu made me completely non-functioning. I haven't cooked lately because I don't want to pass my germs onto Dennis. I can't even think about alcohol without nausea Bun making is going well. I have attempted making egg-free coconut mayo with wasabi, but it was a little too oily, so I bought some coconut flour last night hoping to use it to thicken the sauce. I also made both baharat ahi tuna and baharat panko albacore tuna. Both of them are amazingly delicious but the latter one was mind melting. Baharat is...I believe a Middle Eastern spice mix...I mixed my own to ensure the proper portion of nutmeg is present. There you have it:

My contest entry will be: mini-fish burger (slider size)
  • Coconut nutmeg bun with poppy seed on top
  • Coconut wasabi mayo
  • Baharat panko albacore tuna
  • Maybe sauté onions or mushroom with sherry or port
I haven't put it all together yet, but the parts all tasted really good. I will make an actual post with photos and recipes once I get over this flu. Now I need a name for this dish... what should I call it....

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