Friday, January 15, 2010

The Bumble Buns

I came down with a flu, and my brain is a little fried. I am entering into a cooking competition. I have until February 1st to come up with a dish consists of coconut milk, nutmeg, and fish. This sounds pretty easy. Indian curry, Tai food, and French sauce are a few ideas that came to mind when the ingredients were revealed. I think that's too unoriginal. I like to make things hard on myself, and I want to win the best interpretation category. I am not going to reveal my idea yet, but it will be a 4 part dish requiring 4 different recipes that I have created.
First Part, Coconut Nutmeg Bun Thing. I have never baked before (it's so fun!). I spent the last 4 days learning how to bake using various online resources. I couldn't use egg, milk, and butters due to Dennis' allergies. Day 1 was a complete failure. It took 5 different tries until I figured out how to proof yeast, and then the gluten free flour failed horribly. Day 2, I went and bought real flour and churn on my first every dinner roll: plain with poppy seed on top. (First photo). It was lacking in flavour, but at least it was edible. Day 3, I got a little bit more brave and added coconut milk. It smelled really good but was a little soggy, a little burnt, and still lacking in flavour (Second photo). Day 4 (Today), I adjusted the portions and added both nutmeg and coconut milk. It turned out beautifully (Third and forth photo). The bun was flavourful and aromatic. The bun is doughy and has a light crispy crust with poppyseed. This is definitely what I am trying to get at. I just need to continue to refine it for more flavour, texture, and appearance. I might also try different shape and sizes until it can be paired with the other 3 recipes for this dish.

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