Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baharat Seasoning

Baharat means spices and originated from Arabic cuisine. You can buy the pre-mixed packaged version of this at Granville Island, but I decided to blend my own using fresh seeds and spices. I never actually had the packaged stuff, so I can't really tell you the differences, but blending my own allows me to control exactly how I want my spice to turn out. You can change the proportions and use different spices such as cayenne, turmeric. The following recipe is intended for the coconut nutmeg burger I am submitting for contest.

5 Tbsp sweet paprika (hungarian paprika would work too)
3 Tbsp cumin seed
4 Tbsp black pepper
2 Tbsp cinnamon powder (grinding your own cinnamon is a pain)
1 Tbsp grated nutmeg (about half a nutmeg)
1 Tbsp star anise
1 Tbsp cardamom seed

1. Finely grind the cumin seed, black pepper, star anise, and cardamom.
2. Simply mix all the ingredients in a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Shake to combine.

This will keep well for a year or two.

Baharat Seasoning on Foodista

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