Thursday, December 10, 2009

Schloss Schonhorn Kabinett 1996 Rheingau

$30. What a bargain! I should have bought more. I love German wines because they are always so cheap for the quality they produce. This wine is made in Rheingau, one of the best region for making Rieslings in the world, and the wine is from the earliest possible harvest. Kabinett indicates that this wine is light bodied, low alcohol, and off-sweet, but it is sweet enough, high quality enough to be bottle aged for 12 years, creating an unique tasting experience. No other white wines can be aged this long.

The fragrance is complex and intense: vanilla, nutty, and caramel. Give the glass a swirl, I smell honey, peach, and sweet apple. On the palate, it is medium- body, balanced acidity, off-dry. The wine developed a nice orange and stone fruit note in the mouth. Delicious finish. I can't believe this bottle is only $30.

I would pair it with spicy food, Pa Tai, artisan salami.

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