Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vignes De L'Hospice St Joesph 2004

I opened a $40 bordeax last night. It was corked, ruining my evening. This is a syrah I had a month ago. I used to drink Shiraz like it was going out of style, but now I find myself gravitating towards French Syrah for a more elegant and subdued flavor. Why French? Although French wines are more expensive, my success rate at discovering a good French Syrah is much higher than ones from other country. A week ago, I tasted a Syrah from Argentina that tasted like leather shoes blended with kalamata olives (I ended up using it to cook my beef stew).

This wine is very versatile for pairing due it is relatively low tannin level. Generally, Italian, Greek, spanish, and mexican food would be great. I paired it with a mushroom tomato pasta and it worked quite well. To be honest, high quality wine like this one should be drank on its own.

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