Monday, November 23, 2009

Alsace vs Germany

(I split Riesling Part 1 to insert a premium list. This is the second part of that same post.)
Riesling 2002, Pierre Sparr Altenboug Alsace France $32
Alsace Riesling is considered as the benchmark Riesling to which riesling from the rest of the world is compared. This particular sample is pretty stereotypical. Ripe stone fruit (pear, melon), citrus (lemon), pretty dry, medium+ acid, medium body. Rarely do I drink any whites this old, and you can really taste the differences. Recommend medium bodied food such as halibut with lemon zest.

Riesling 1995, Zilliken Saarburger Raush, Germany $50
Aged Riesling is, well, not my favorite, because it sometimes smells like petrol, like this one. That smell is supposed to be "good" though. This is a medium sweet (Auslese) Riesling from Germany. Stone fruit (honey, peach, pineapple), medium- body, medium- acidity, medium- alcohol, medium+ length. James said that the produce harvested late and artificially stop the fermentation to make it so sweet. if I have kids, I probably start them on younger versions of this wine. This wine would be great with spicy food, Tai food, salami, cold cuts, fresh fruit, cheese cake, soft cheeses. I had this for Joe and Tracy's dinner and it did pair well with fresh fruits.

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