Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Japan: Tokyo Part 2

Still in Tokyo. After a week, we learned that price doesn't reflex the quality of the food. We ate at a few restaurants around $30-50 range and they were all really disappointing. What they had in common is the beautifully designed decor which gives the restaurants an elegant (and somewhat intimidating) ambiance. I suppose we were paying for that instead of food. Back to cheap and yummy food.
While browsing electronics at Akihabara, we came a cross a tiny restaurant with 2 tables for two and three bar seats, in a back alley. Surrounded by high raises, this little restaurant is owned and operated by three obasan, elderly women, and the manu was written on a chalkboard. They were very friendly, but we couldn't communicate with them at all. Fortunately, an older gentleman customer spoke excellent English and helped us out. I had miso soup, fried premium pork with panko, spaghetti in tomato sauce, rice, pickled radish, and pickled cucumber, and Dennis had fried fish. The miso soup was better than anything we ever had in Canada. It was flavorful but not overly salty. The meal cost us about $25. The old man told us funny stories and about his work. We had a great time.

Btw, this was red tuna. The photo was taken in the famous fish port in Tokyo. They had fish auction 5 am in the morning. The place was packed with merchants, chefs, and tourists. It was quite amazing, and I would definitely recommend everyone to check it out.

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