Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dirty Apron Cooking School

From Christine's Food and Wine Review

I discovered Dirty Apronin August and have been a dedicated student ever since. Dennis believes my cooking skill has "insurmountably" (or so he claims) improved every since I started attending their classes. In most of my classes, Dave teaches and Takasi (probably spelling his name wrong). The recipes are user friendly and flexible, and I have incorporate a lot of the cooking knowledge, tips, and tricks into my daily cooking.

I'd definitely recommend anyone who is interested in adding a little more variety into their diet or planning to impress their romantic interests, in-laws, friends at the dinner table. It's a great place to make friends too. I have been attending the classes alone. Some people brings bunch of their friends to the class and even have birthday parties. That always look super fun. Too bad most of my friends are more into eating than cooking.

Dennis wants to do the chocolate course though and sushi courses if he ever makes one.

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