Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Bogan 2005 Barossa Valley

Friday night, Dennis and I decided to cuddle on the sofa and watch some CSI Vegas. We also decided to share something cheap from my wine cellar, so I opened the only shiraz I have left in the cellar assuming it would be cheap. (I should really organize my cellar better). The wine was 16% alcohol, 2.5% more than the average. When I uncorked the bottle, a explosion of intense fruit bomb aroma can be smelled 3 foot away. It smelled like dark cherry, plum, toast, vanilla, fresh mint, and smoke. Realizing the intensity and complexity in the aroma, I knew I made a mistake and this bottle can't possibly have less than 3 digit price tag. So I looked at the label more closely, I then realized in the fine print that this is a premium wine made from grapes grown specifically at Kaesler in Barossa Valley. The vines were planted in 1899 and 1965, the wine was then aged in American and French oak for 15 month, without any finning or filtration.

On the palate, it was bone dry, refreshing, and very full-bodied (incredible weight on the tongue), but there was surprising little tannin. It developed a fresh minty note, blueberry jam flavour. Incredibly smooth to drink and the finish was complex and last no less than 10 minutes.

Usually shiraz is hard to drink on its own, but we finished this bottle wanting more. I googled up the wine and it was about $114 CND before BC liquor tax.

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